Saturday, September 21, 2013

{Post 1,258} New Sets of Tote Bags and Zip Pouches

The past few days (sewing-wise) have been varied.  I have an acquaintance that is a missionary in Africa.  She will be at my church this week.  She saw a tote bag on Facebook that I made for a friend's daughter who is in college and commented that she would like to find one to buy like that.  So I made her one as a surprise.  She won't get it until Wednesday, but I seriously doubt she reads my blog.  

Here is the college girl bag (I made her a zip pouch to give her tomorrow...needed a hot pink zipper):

When I bought the fabrics for missionary bag, I ran into a friend at the store and showed her what I got.  I put this picture on Facebook so she could see the finished product and the missionary friend commented "love, Love, LOVE".  Hee hee...I felt so sneaky!

I put fringe on this one, and it shows up much better on the zip pouch picture.

These are lined with the green fabric.  I used up every scrap of the black with polka dots and have very little of the green left over.  These bags are so sturdy!  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Post 1,257} Vintage Stars all Cleaned Up

Here are the 20 vintage star blocks I was squaring up recently.  The last two blocks had to be completely destructed and reconstructed.  The pink one was nearly an inch too small square.  Oddly enough, the pink triangles were all the right size.  The muslin was also very fragile and thin.  Here is a before and after of that block and all 20 laid out on the design wall.

{Post 1,256} Brown and Pink Stars

It is very rare for me to abandon a project.  I can't even think of when I ever did that.  But this one must go.  I have less than no interest in it.  If someone wants to take my UFO and work on it, I'll mail it to you.  Here is what I have finished.  I have other star pieces and some backgrounds cut out (you can use these to cut more if you wish).  I was hand-piecing these.

The stars measure about 5-1/2" square when finished.  All these fabrics are Thimbleberries.